Policies and Procedures


Fermi Project Management EVMS Policy/Procedures

EVMS Certified System Documents
OPSS Guidance
Desktop Instructions

FRA Earned Value Management Description

EVMS Certification Letter

12.PM-010.DT-01 - FRA EVMS Handbook

12.PM-001 Project WBS, OBS, RAM  
12.PM-002 Control Accounts, Work Packages, Planning Packages

12.PM-002.DT-02 - Sale of Special Process Spares

12.PM-003 Work Authorization  
12.PM-004 Project Scheduling

12.PM-004.DT-01 - Guidelines for Developing a Schedule

12.PM-004.DT-02 - Guidelines for Scheduling Procurement Activities

12.PM-004.DT-03 - Guidelines for Milestones

12.PM-004.DT-04 - Guidelines for PMT

12.PM-004.DT-05 - Guidelines for Schedule Review Checklist

12.PM-005 Cost Estimating  
12.PM-006 Monthly Status Reporting

12.PM-006.DT-02 - Loading Forecast from MS Project

12.PM-006.DT-06 - Guidelines for Preparing a Variance Analysis Report

12.PM-006.DT-07 - Guidelines for Understanding and Using a Schedule

12.PM-007 Change Control

12.PM-007.DT-03 - Guidelines for Rate Changes

12.PM-007.DT-04 - Contingency MR & UB

12.PM-008 EVMS Surveillance and Maintenance  
  Archived Documents

12.PM-006.DT-01 - Loading Forecast from Open Plan

12.PM-006.DT-03 - Monthly Accruals Process

12.PM-006.DT-04 - Project Office Procedures for Monthly Progress Updates

12.PM-006.DT-05 - NOvA ETC/EAC Monthly Process

12.PM-007.DT-01 - NOvA Change Request Procedures - 2968

12.PM-007.DT-02 - NOvA Project Office Procedures for Processing Open Plan Baseline Change Requests

DOE Documents

DOE Policies, Orders, and Guides

Other Policies

Fermilab Risk Management Procedure for Projects

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