Program Planning Office

Steve Geer, Head

The Program Planning Office within the Fermilab Directorate coordinates the experimental physics program carried out at the Laboratory. The office provides a link between ongoing and planned experiments and the Directorate, by:

  • Acting as liaison between experimenters and laboratory staff regarding beam conditions during accelerator operation.
  • Establishing priorities between accelerator studies and experiments and among experiments, in consultation with the Director, and resolving conflicting requests from experiments.
  • Coordinating Division and Section reviews of draft Memoranda of Understanding for approved experiments.
  • Coordinating updates to the "Procedures for Researchers" which provides a guide for researchers using Fermilab facilities.

The office also assists the Director in monitoring progress and planning for the future, by:

  • Organizing and chairing weekly All Experimenters Meetings.
  • Monitoring the progress of the program schedule implementation.
  • Assisting in organizing the Physics Advisory Committee Meetings.
  • Developing short- and long-range experiment schedules according to guidance from the Director.

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