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    Fermilab posts latest Physics Advisory Committee report

    Fermilab has released the latest report from the committee that advises laboratory leaders on the direction of the laboratory's future experiments and programs. The charge to the Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee and its recommendations are now availabe on the PAC Web page.

    Fermilab photos


    At the Fermilab Accelerator and Science Technology Facility, staff are installing a superconducting radio-frequency cavity that will allow electron beam energies of up to 55 MeV. But the talents of the Accelerator Division go beyond accelerator science and technology. They are also gardeners and have learned how to grow cones and shovels on the FAST Facility south lawn. Photo: Daniel Broemmelsiek, AD

    The Booster East Anode Power Supply (EAPS) is being gutted and replaced during the shutdown. A tender good-bye message was left on the back. Photo: Josh O'Connell, AD

    This sign was spotted in Pennsylvania. Maybe a similar sign should be posted at Fermilab for all its cosmologists, astrophysicists, astronomers and stargazers. Photo: John Voirin, PPD

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