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Clubs and Other Organizations

* Denotes clubs sponsored by the Fermilab Recreation Office. For more information on these clubs and the names of contact people, please visit the webpages of the Recreation Office.

  • Fermilab Users' Organization
    The Fermilab Users Organization is an organization of scientists and engineers engaged in advancing our understanding of the nature of matter and energy. Its purpose is to provide a forum for discussion of scientific and administrative matters relevant to the organization and functions of the laboratory.

  • Fermilab Student and Postdoc Association
    FSPA acts as a liaison between the directorate, experiment managers, the Users' Executive Committee and the Fermilab postdoc and student population, disseminating information on employment opportunities and helping with education and outreach programs.

  • Fermilab Friends for Science Education
    Fermilab Friends for Science Education, in partnership with Fermilab and area educators, creates and supports innovative education programs to enhance the teaching and learning of science and mathematics at the precollege level.

  • Fermilab Natural Areas
    Fermilab Natural Areas is a 501(c)(3)not-for-profit corporation. The club is an environmental science program operating exclusively within the boundaries of Fermilab, a U.S. Department of Energy science laboratory. Their mission is to restore, manage, and conserve Fermilab's natural areas in support of our science mission, and to encourage Fermilab's neighbors to experience and enjoy Fermilab's natural beauty.

  • Fermilab Auditorium Committee
    The Auditorium Committee, in conjunction with the Arts Series Coordinator and Box Office Manager, is a group of director-appointed volunteers responsible for overseeing the Arts & Lecture series presentations. Visit the webpages of the Arts & Lecture Series for more information.

  • Fermilab Amateur Radio Club *
    The Fermilab Amateur Radio Club welcomes anyone with an interest in Ham Radio or Short Wave Listening. The club station, WB9IKJ, operates on most HF amateur bands and the club repeater system is on Wilson Hall.

  • Fermilab Barnstormers Model Airplane Club *
    The Fermilab Barnstormers was formed to promote the art of building and operating radio control (R/C) models of all types, as well as all flying models.... The members have many individual interests that include R/C airplanes, R/C helicopters, Control Line airplanes, and free flight planes.

  • Fermilab Bridge Club *
    The Bridge Club provides an opportunity to learn and play the game of contract bridge. For more information or questions, e-mail bridgeclub@fnal.gov.

  • Fermilab Chess Club *
    The Fermilab Chess club is open to all employees and visitors and meets during the year, depending on demand, for casual - usually blitz - games. During the academic year we also participate in matches sponsored by the Chicago Industrial Chess League. Half of these matches are played at Fermilab and the other half are played at nearby companies and organizations, such as Lucent Technology and Argonne National Laboratory. It should be pointed that there is a wide distribution of playing strengths within the League, so even people who are relatively new to the game should find the match play of interest.

  • Fermilab Singers *
    The Fermilab Singers provides an opportunity for people to meet, sing together and learn new music selections. The singers sing once a week on Wednesday at noon in the Auditorium. New members are always welcome.

  • Garden Club *
    The Garden Club is open to persons who are interested in gardening under well-maintained, ecologically-sound conditions.

  • Go Club *
    Go is a fascinating board game that originated in China more than 4,000 years ago. The game of Go uses the most elemental materials and concepts--line and circle, wood and stone, black and white. The game combines each concept and material with rules to generate subtle strategies and complex tactics. If you are interested in meeting weekly to play or in learning the game e-mail goclub@fnal.gov.

  • Indian Creek Riding Club *
    The Riding Club offers boarding stables for horses and riding activities.

  • International folk dancing, Scottish country dancing, English country dancing
    There is weekly international folk dancing (Thursdays) and Scottish country dancing (Tuesdays), as well as once-monthly English country dancing (Sundays) at Fermilab, open to all, sponsored by NALWO.

  • Photography Club *
    The purpose of the Fermilab Photography Club is to share ideas, techniques, tips & tricks about photography with fellow club members.

  • Russian Club *
    This club will meet and discuss cultural news, history, literature, art, philosophy, and tourism. The goal is to provide a general exchange of information and mutual assistance for each other.

  • Scuba Club *
    This club provides an opportunity to meet other divers, share photos and plan group dives.

  • Sustainable Energy Club *
    The Fermilab Sustainable Energy Club creates the opportunity for interested Fermilab employees to learn, share information and collaborate on projects related to sustainable energy. The scope of these projects may include residential, transportation, educational, regional and other, only limited by our creativity.

  • Bible Exploration for Lunch League (BELL)
    The Bible Exploration for Lunch League gathers every Tuesday at noon in the Quarium (WH-8SW) and is open to anyone who would like to explore for themselves what the Bible has to say.

  • Cultural Association of Italians at Fermilab
    The purpose of CAIF is to preserve and spread the Italian culture among the resident Italians in the USA, and within the American community.

    NALWO is the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Women's Organization. All women associated with Fermilab are welcome; visiting women and newcomers are especially encouraged to join NALWO activities.

  • Women in Science and Technology at Fermilab
    This is an informal group of women scientists, technicians and engineers who gather for lunch and engage in discussions about issues affecting women working at Fermilab.

To submit information to be listed on this page, please email Fermilab at Work.

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