Users' Executive Committee
Users' Executive Committee
Fermi Research Alliance, LLC

Government Relations

Organize visits with local congressional offices.

Subcommittee Members 2013-2014
Name Organization Email

Breese Quinn (Chair)

University of Mississippi

quinn AT phy.olemiss.edu

Sandra Biedron (Deputy Chair)

Colorado State University

biedron AT engr.colostate.edu

Nikos Varelas

University of Illinois at Chicago

varelas AT uic.edu

Tulika Bose

Boston University

tulika AT bu.edu

Craig Group

University of Virginia

group AT fnal.gov

Greg Snow

University of Nebraska

gsnow1 AT unl.edu

Marcelle Sores-Santos


marcelle AT fnal.gov

Andre de Gouvea

Northwestern University

degouvea AT northwestern.edu

Lee Roberts (ex-officio)

Boston University

roberts AT bu.edu