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What New Experimental Particle Physics Comes From US HEP Accelerators?

Experimental HEP
Experimental HEP
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Since 1990 we have tabulated a list of experimental HEP publications from refereed journals which resulted from US accelerators. This study was initiated as input to the annual DOE review of the Fermilab HEP program. The intent was to understand how many new experimental results in HEP came from the US investment in HEP accelerators.

The statistics were started by hand scanning the five refereed journals in which virtually all new US HEP results were being published: Physical Review Letters, Physical Review D, Physics Letters B, Zeitschrift fur Physik, (latter Europhysics Journal) and Nuclear Physics B. Within the journal, or journal section, for HEP papers the determination of which paper should be included was left to the judgment of the physicist who scanned the journal. There were relatively few ambiguous papers. More recently, SPIRES has included all papers published in these journals so the initial search is automated. However, hand scanning of those references is still done to identify collaborations, remove the occasional conference proceeding and phenomenology paper, etc. The original hand scans through 2001 have been augmented by more recent SPIRES searches.

This study makes no attempt to be comprehensive. We've ignored papers from non-US accelerators, with or without US participation; non-accelerator experiments, theory, phenomenology, astrophysics and accelerator physics. We will gladly to make additions or corrections within the study as defined. The study was initiated by Jeff Appel and Peter Cooper of Fermilab and carried out each year by them and other members of the Fermilab Scientific staff.

HEP Publications - all papers included (as a tab-separated text file)

YEAR LAB EXPT TYPE journal-ref-from-spires archive-ref
1990BNL Phys.Lett.B hep-ex/0102003
CESR Eur.Phys.J.C (Z.Phys.C)
2010 FNALPhys.Rev.Lett. Phys.Rev.D
SLACNucl.Phys.B   Nature   Science
FTFixed Target
CBColliding Beam: CESR: CUSB CLEO
CB2 FNAL Collider Run-II CDF D0
HIAGS / RHIC Heavy Ions

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