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Accelerator Update for August 10, 2007 - August 17, 2007


Fermilab Shutdown Report

8/10/07 – 8/17/07



Electrical Work:

  • Cable pull resumed Thursday 08/16 (~ 70% complete)

Water work:

  • LCW water work in the Booster West Gallery
  • Much work in area – walk around
  • Installation of 6” pipe ongoing
  • Work started at the south end of the gallery going north
  • Next week: Continue with the installation
      • 4” and 6” copper pipe are staged in the gallery.
  • CUB VFD testing was performed on Thursday and need to be redone.

Corrector Installation:

  • Number of correctors in the tunnel: 5
    • 4 fully surveyed and vacuum connections complete (L19, L17, L21, & L23)
    • Physically installed corrector at L15
      • Due to a technical problem discovered during the corrector installation at L15, the magnet support plates had to be shipped to machine shop for necessary adjustments
    • Prep L11 for corrector installation today
  • 5 more correctors were delivered to Hi Bay area (BMA013, BMA020, BMA021, BMA023, BMA024)
    • 2 more are needed in order to have all 12 on hand.
  • Next week: Continue with corrector installation

Antiproton Source


  • Leak Check (4)
    • Finished checking D/A, A40, A30
      • D:ESEP, A30 IP fixed
  • D:ISEP Shielding
    • Cutting steel, staging (broken dumbwaiter), started
  • Ion Chamber removal
  • Deb DCCT motorized stand
    • Will move GAPMON?
  • D:EKIK ceramic tube
  • AP2 Water Hose Replacement
  • Leaking LQA
    • Magnet out of beam line
  • Replaced leaking Deb Sextuple
  • SMA water leak – replace?


  • Valve Stem replace
  • Leak Check (2)
  • LN2 transfer line maintenance

Target Station

  • Water Systems (2)
    • DI cartridge replaced
  • Temperature Monitoring (2)
  • Target Rotation
  • Storage
  • SEM Module
  • LVDTs
  • Sample Retrieval
  • Lens motion
  • Air Exhaust Stack
  • 10mm-2 into transformer
    • Prepping
  • 10mm-3 into transformer
    • Prepping
  • Lens replacement
  • Pictures of PMAG

Cooling Systems

  • Deb 3&4 Trans Notch Filters
    • Installed; updating controls
  • Deb Double Notch Filters
    • Installed; updating controls
  • Stacktail 4-8GHz Equalizer
    • Installing
  • TWT balance & trip points
  • Stacktail Filter 3 cable change

Electrical (Pbar & EE Support)

  • Shunt Move
    • Started
  • Shunt Repairs (6)
  • PS Maintenance


Continuing with maintenance work.


  • Continue water sampling through August 20th
  • Drain cleaning completed in Absorber Passageway, Absorber Hall, and Muon Alcoves
  • Updated Fire Protection System Software @ MI65/MINOS Service Buildings
  • Installed 40 High Frequency Cores on Horn Power Supplies to Reduce Noise
  • Subcontractor Dehumidification
    • Installed 4 Support Brackets & 4” Chilled Water Pipes in Shaft
    • Layout 4” chilled water pipes in Upper Utility Labyrinth
    • Started laying out 4” water pipe in Target Hall
    • Spot new chillers in MI65 Service Building Mezzanine
    • Started laying out double wall PVC condensate line for shaft


There was no work completed last week.

  • Reverse Horn Polarity
    • Reverse polarity of horn power supply.
    • Test horn.
  • Check Corrosion Tabs at 25m Absorber
    • Unstack 9 blocks from 25m absorber.
    • Retrieve corrosion tabs.
    • Restack blocks.
    • Seal cover.
  • Dry out horn (09Aug07)
  • Check Leakage Current on Ion Pumps
  • Power Supply Maintenance
  • Toroid Work

MTA Beamline Installation

  • Tunnel activities
    • Janitors cleaned up the garage area
    • Contractors started working on the cable tray installation
    • Move an existing turbo cart out of the way
      • Some beam line components have to be installed on that area
  • Shielding under hatch area
    • Parking lot has been roped off since Monday in preparation to receive the crane…well it never came!
    • Iron workers are on site since yesterday
      • And waited all day for the crane which did not show up
        • The delay was due to problems getting the Transportation Permit from the County.
    • Crane is expected to arrive today
      • Activities will begin as soon the mandatory orientation and equipment setup are complete.

Next Week

  • Immediately start the shielding work
    • Estimate 2 days to remove the existing blocks
      • Once this is done, alignment need couple of hours to connect MTA to Linac network
      • Beam line components will then be lowered to the enclosure
  • Tunnel activities continue with contractors installing cable trays
  • Currently the project is 3 days behind schedule. Too early to evaluate the impact of this delay on the overall shutdown schedule.

Collider Detector at Fermilab

  • Flammable gas flow to wire chambers switched to N2
  • Plugs open
  • Preparation proceeding for silicon cooling repair
  • Calorimeter trigger upgrade review
  • Committee signed off on completion
  • Decommissioning of old system will begin next week
  • As found LBQ survey finds changes, meeting next week to discuss repositioning


They have opened up their detector and begun work.


Completed Jobs

  • Recycler Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: O’Boyle, Adkins, Teafoe
    • 5527 Optically align Recycler DCCT after installation. Date: 8/13/2007 Complete
  • Tevatron Task Manager: Bocean Field Crew: Bradford, Teafoe, Volk. Crutcher, Adkins, Shaddix
    • 5494 As found low beta quads and separators at B0 Date: 8/06/2007- 8/08/2007 Complete
    • 5495 As found low beta quads and separators at D0. Date: 8/09/2007- 8/14/2007 Complete Task Manager: Bocean Field Crew: Bradford, J Wilson, Watt.
    • Un roll D16-1 quad when D-1 is warmed. (As Found) Date:8/13/2007 Complete
    • 5591 As Founds of the Roman pots at D0 4 of 6 Date:8/13/2007 85% Complete
  • Booster Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: Wilson, Crutcher, Wish.
    • 5534 Align 24 Booster Corrector Magnets after installation. Re-align adjacent cavities. Long 19 Long 17 Date: 8/13/2007 Complete
    • 5534 Align 24 Booster Corrector Magnets (Long 21 Long 23)Date: 8/14/2007 Complete
  • Main Injector Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: O’Boyle, Adkins, Teafoe.
    • 5563 OT. AS found survey of Quadrupoles at 400, 402, 404 and the three Lambertson at MI40. Date: 8/13/2007- 8/15/2007 Complete
    • 5554 307, 308 Base plate survey Date: 8/16/2007 Complete
  • CMS Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: O’Boyle.
    • 5516 Survey the CMS F-pixel Half cylinder +Z2 in the Lab C Date: 8/09/2007 Complete
  • D0 Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: O’Boyle, Adkins, Wish / Wilson, J Wilson
    • Stickmike survey of Muon system prior to opening of detector. This will include both CFs and EFs. Date: 8/06/2007 Complete
    • 5524 VStar or Laser Tracker survey of North/South EF pedestals with respect to the sidewalk monuments. Date: 8/07/2007 Complete
    • 5592 Elevation run in D0 before machine is opened. Date: 8/06/2007 Complete
  • Linac Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: Wilson, Contract Crew.
    • 5468 Stake out the MuCool beamline component locations in the Linac and MuCool Test Area (MTA). Date: 8/08/2007 Complete
  • P-Bar Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: Wilson, O’Boyle, Wyatt.
    • A4Q10 (LQA in Accumulator) has a water leak. An "as found“ Date: 8/09/2007 Complete

Next week’s schedule of work

  • Tevatron Task Manager: Bocean Field Crew: Bradford, Adkins, J Wilson.
    • 5498 Measure rolls on 43 dipoles and quads in Tevatron. These are magnets that cannot be measured with roll fixture. Date: 8/14/2007- 8/27/2007 Field Crew: Crutcher, Wish, Wilson.
    • 5504 As found Pbar kickers in transfer hall (6 components) Date: 8/17/2007 Field Crew: Crutcher, Wish, Wilson.
    • 5505 As found Proton kickers in transfer hall (6 components) Date: 8/20/2007
    • Task Manager: Kyle Field Crew: Contract crew (Smego, Christopher), Wyatt, Volk Elevation run A-sector Complete Date: 8/14/2007- 8/28/2007
  • Booster Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: Wilson, Crutcher, Wish.
    • 5534 Align 24 Booster Corrector Magnets Date: 8/20/2007
  • Main Injector Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: O’Boyle, Adkins, Teafoe.
    • 5554 4 collimators in the Main Injector at the 301, 303, 307, and 308 locations. Survey will be required to survey the Base Plate. Date: 8/17/2007-8/22/2007
  • Nova Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: Wilson, Crutcher, Wish. Date: 8/23/2007
    • 5476- Stake out new Recycler extraction line (MI30) for the Nova Project
    • 5475- Stake out new Recycler injection line (MI10) for the Nova Project
    • 5477 Stake out new Recycler RR30 quad positions for the Nova Project
  • MTA Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: Wilson, Crutcher, Wish.
    • Control Network Continue, including walls and floor centerline layout. Date: 8/21/2007
  • CDF Task Manager: Bocean Not Scheduled
  • ILC Task Manager: Bocean Not Scheduled
  • P150 Task Manager: Oshinowo Field Crew: Wilson, Crutcher, Wish. Late Request
    • 5593 We had to move several magnets and multiwires to make up the ends on the cans for vacuum connections. They are as follows: The multiwire cans at 708 and 710. B2 magnets at the interface of 710 - 711 and the interfaces of 709 - 710, the serial #'s are BDM 883-1 BDM 835-1 BDM 879-1 and BDM 397-1. Date: 8/23/2007

Alignment and Metrology Home page

  • http://ppd.fnal.gov/align/align.html


Janitorial work in the tunnels continues.

Cryogenic System

Tevatron at LN2 temperature except C4 and D1 at room temperature.

  • E1 warm-up to room temperature started.
  • Tunnel magnet cryostat vacuums at A25 and D35-36 regions are of concern.
  • Pbar Cryogenic Transfer Line AP30-AP10/60 vacuum leak checked fine.
  • CDF back on their BA-1 Mycom compressor (failed unit was replaced) and thus isolated from Tevatron Cryogenic System.

Cryo Operations

  • 3 FRIG Mycom compressor (plus DZero & CDF Cryo) running with helium precooled to LN2 temperature flowing through magnet strings.
  • CHL helium inventory management system operating (Tank Farm, Helium Purifier, A0 GHe Recovery) and Tank Farm has been purified; the helium losses are normal.
  • CHL Nitrogen Reliquefier plant off and LN2 supply dependent on vendor deliveries to CHL LN2 Dewar tanks; deliveries are fine.

FRIG Maintenance

  • 7 out of 13 wet expander flywheels have been replaced
  • Wet expander overhauls of cold ends have started
  • CDF BA#1 compressor unit is being replaced (failed last month)
  • Various vacuum, instrumentation, and controls problems being worked on.

CHL Maintenance

  • Coldbox-1:
    • Oil coolers have been replaced
    • Charcoal Adsorber east unit is in high temperature regeneration
  • Nitrogen Reliquefier plant maintenance in progress:
    • Marley Cooling Tower cleanup/overhaul,
    • Rotoflow compressor after cooler heat exchanger tube bundle being replaced
  • Various facility maintenance in progress


This Week

  • AD Server Updates complete
  • Database Table Update complete
  • MAC & Computer Room UPS Maintenance complete
  • Acc. Network Switch IOS Updates complete (120)
  • Computer Room Prep work for 8/18 Switch replacement
  • MADC II reset updates continue
  • CAMAC Front End SLD Updates continue
  • Continuing routine maintenance
  • JAVA Engine Restarts/Updates
    • Having to reinstall OS on Solaris workstations

Next Week

  • Saturday 8/18
    • Replace EOL Gigabit Network Switch with Cat6506 Chassis
      • No AD general networking (desktops). 2-4hrs.
  • Tuesday 8/21
    • General Network (desktop) Switch IOS Updates
    • VAX Clusters move to MAC Room
      • 4 clusters, move one at a time, down 30 min/cluster
      • Alarms server, Fileshare, Console page access
  • Wednesday 8/22
    • General Network Switch IOS Updates
    • Upgrade Sup720 to Cat6509
      • No Accelerator Division Network. 2-4hrs.
  • Thursday 8/23
    • General Network Switch IOS Updates
  • Saturday 8/25
    • AD Web Server Updates ~2hr.
      • No Time Server, No Elog access, No node reboot capability

Get Requests In Now

  • Hardware you want to use may not be readily available
    • New infrastructure (links, clocks, networking) takes time
  • Work has to get scheduled


Tevatron Cooling ponds

  • Divers have examined the silt buildup around intake pipes
    • Dredging will begin today
  • A1 pond will have a bypass dug to the next pond
  • This work will affect the cryo in the zero buildings


  • Switchyard
    • Many mice nests found, but no live mice
  • Thermography
    • Examined several buildings and found a main buss problem at E1


  • Work on Tevatron ring dehumidifiers
  • Strike affect minimal


  • Running a fire hose to CHL for CDF ICW bypass
  • Casey’s pond 16” valve work will require a site-wide ICW shutdown


  • Safety System Status
    • Upgrade M02 - M05 Enclosure Interlocks 12%
    • Upgrade Main Injector PLC Code and replace PLC Batteries 35%
    • Replace Safety System DEC talk with ATT Natural Voices 15%
    • Linux kernal 2.4 to 2.6 upgrade to Safety Data Acquisition System 25%
    • Upgrade Meson Area Oxygen Monitors 0%
    • Install Radiation Monitor Cables for the Muon Test Area 0%
    • Replace Pbar Vault Key Tree Door Latches & add status LEDs 0%
    • Route Key Tree release signals from MCR to Meson 0%
  • A successful shutdown is getting our work done safely

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