LBNF/DUNE and PIP-II: international partnerships

The international LBNF/DUNE project is the world's flagship science project to unlock the mysteries of neutrinos, hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermilab. LBNF/DUNE is the first truly international megascience project hosted on U.S. soil. The PIP-II project will include the first particle accelerator built in the United States with significant contributions from international partners. Fermilab is partnering with dozens of countries on LBNF, DUNE and PIP-II and is in various stages of negotiation with countries and institutions for contributing to the construction and operation of the projects.

International partnership news

These news articles provide more information on international partnerships for LBNF, DUNE and PIP-II:

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International DUNE collaboration

The DUNE collaboration includes more than 1,000 scientists and engineers at over 175 research institutions in more than 30 countries. DUNE collaborators from around the world will build the hardware and write the software for DUNE’s gigantic particle detectors. Hundreds of students will start their careers in science, engineering and computing with this project.

These international efforts are already under way in the construction of the prototype detectors at CERN in Switzerland. Countries from around the world are contributing to these prototype detectors, called the ProtoDUNE detectors.

DUNE collaboration members