Take Five for Goal Zero

Message from the Director

Goal Zero: Safe and Healthy

When we talk about safety performance at Fermilab, we talk about the number of incidents as a way of measuring our performance. While it is a way to measure, it is odd to claim we had a good performance because we “only” had a given number of injuries. The only number that makes sense when it comes to injuries is zero. Goal Zero means staying healthy and avoiding injuries. Recently we have moved further from zero than in past years.

To help us achieve Goal Zero, I am launching a new campaign called “Take Five.” It is a method that has proved useful at other institutions and can be of help here at Fermilab. Take Five is a reminder to take your time. Take five minutes before a job to consider how to do it safely; take five seconds to think about what you’re going to do before you do it; take five things to reflect on after the job is done. This simple exercise will help all of us avoid the issues that arise when we act too quickly. It also serves as a mechanism for our talented technical staff to provide feedback into work processes and make them better.

Striving for Goal Zero and using Take Five will be especially important during the upcoming shutdown. Many of you will be working in new environments, perhaps for a new supervisor or with unfamiliar colleagues. This is a time when we will be vulnerable to injuries and a time when Take Five can help.

We are all part of the Fermilab team and we succeed or fail together. Please think about Goal Zero and use Take Five during your work here and at home. It will help us achieve our goal of zero injuries during the shutdown and all year long.

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