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Posted: March 29, 2011

Q. What is the purpose of the Steering Committee?

A. The Steering Committee members help to frame discussions and fulfill the committee’s administrative tasks.

Posted: March 29, 2011

Q. How do I know what is discussed in the meeting?

A. The EAG Meetings Discussion page contains information about conversations the group has had.

Posted: March 29, 2011

Q. Who does the EAG serve?

A. The EAG works to advise management on issues pertaining to all Fermilab employees.

Posted: August 11, 2010

Q. How do you choose topics to be discussed?

A. Most of the topics selected for discussion were issues brought to light in the Focus Group Report. Employee Advisory Group members can also suggest topics during meetings.

Posted: August 11, 2010

Q. How can I participate if I'm not a member?

A.If you have a question, comment or an idea about any of the topics the group will discuss, please contact any of the Employee Advisory Group members.

Posted: August 11, 2010

Q. What is the purpose of the Employee Advisory Group?

A.To consider and examine existing and proposed labwide workplace and workforce initiatives, practices and concerns and to subsequently make recommendations to senior management.

Posted: December 1, 2009

Q. Is there just one meeting per month?

A. Yes, meetings are scheduled regularly during the workday at a time and day most convenient to the overall group. Some background reading may be required in advance of meetings.

Posted: December 1, 2009

Q. How long will the EAG operate?

A. The initial commitment is for two years, after which Director Pier Oddone and the Employee Advisory Group will work together to evaluate its effectiveness and ongoing need.

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