ILC Citizens' Task Force

Expected Topics of the ILC Citizens’ Task Force

Topic Informal Input Community Concerns Formal Recomm.
Orientation of the ILC      
Location of the underground tunnel     X
Community issues related to locating an underground tunnel   X  
Potential impacts on groundwater and the environment   X X
Issues relating to property rights X X X
Surface Structures off Fermilab property      
Locations   X X
Aesthetic issues   X X
Environmental impacts   X X
Features that could be included to benefit communities   X X
Construction of the ILC      
Timing of activities X X  
Safety X X  
Mitigating noise, traffic, environmental, and other impacts   X X
Fermilab-Community Relationships      
Maximizing economic benefits to the region X X  
Identifying potential environmental benefits X X  
Communicating and working with neighbors X X  
Building effective relationships with local government and communities X X  
Strengthening the community role in the long term mission of Fermilab X X