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Welcome to the D0 Live event displays

These displays are sample "pictures" of proton-antiproton collisions or "events" as they happen. Each display is a different representation, or  view of the same collision.

3D view
The 3D view. This is a wire-frame view that may show one or four of the standard projections. What you see is determined by operators in the control room who may be studying specific details. The large gray areas are the outlines of the various outer muon detectors. Red marks represent the positions of detectors activated by particles.
Projection view
The eta-phi "lego plot" of energy deposited in the D0 calorimeter.  The red portion of the bar represents the energy in the electromagnetic section, and blue the hadronic. Eta ( which is corresponds to  the angle with respect to the beam axis) is along the lower right edge, and phi along the lower left edge.
Projection End view
Projection End view (along the direction of the proton beam) of the collision, with charged particle tracks in the silicon detector, the energy deposited in the calorimeters, and possibly hits in the muon detectors.

The inner part, with the concentric circles, shows the locations, to scale, of the tracking detectors. Hits are shown as small circles The outer concentric ring is a histogram of deposited energies, summed over the eta range shown.

Central Outer Tracker view
Side  view:  The beam axis (Z) is horizontal,  with the vertical direction (R)  the cylindrical distance from the beam axis, with the upper part (phi from 0 to 180 degrees) in the upper half, and the lower part in the lower half.

The inner rectangle contains the tracking, showing locations of the barrels and disks of the silicon tracker. Colored marks represent hits.

The outer rectangle is again a histogram of calorimeter response, now summed over upper and lower phi angles. The scale is given on the graph.

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