Science at Fermilab

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  • Intensity Frontier

    Fermilab at the Intensity Frontier

    At the Intensity Frontier, scientists explore new physics in unprecedented breadth and detail using intense beams of neutrinos, muons, kaons and nuclei.

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  • Energy Frontier

    Fermilab at the Energy Frontier

    At the Energy Frontier, scientists discover new particles and directly probe the architecture of the fundamental forces using high-energy colliders.

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  • Cosmic Frontier

    Fermilab at the Cosmic Frontier

    At the Cosmic Frontier, scientists reveal the nature of dark matter, dark energy and other phenomena of new physics using particles and light from the cosmos.

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  • Benefits

    Benefits of Particle Physics

    From the earliest days of high energy physics in the 1930s to the latest 21st-century initiatives, the bold and innovative ideas and technologies of particle physics have entered the mainstream of society to transform the way we live.

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Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is America’s particle physics laboratory. Our vision is to inspire the world and enable its scientists to solve the mysteries of matter, energy, space and time for the benefit of all.

Our mission is to drive discovery in particle physics by

  • building and operating world-leading accelerator and detector facilities.
  • performing pioneering research with global partners
  • transforming technologies for science and industry.

    We advance particle physics research using a range of techniques at three interrelated frontiers. These frontiers ask different questions and use different tools, but they ultimately aim at the same scientific goal: a complete understanding of the laws of nature and the cosmos.

    Our focused scientific mission, coupled with our accelerator and detector facilities and R&D infrastructure, keep the United States a world leader in particle physics research. Our program provides opportunities for international partners to participate in particle physics facilities in the United States.

    Physics for Everyone

    Physics for Everyone lecture series

    Learn more about how Fermilab scientists search the cosmos, examine the tiniest known pieces of matter and generally help to discover the secrets of the universe at this monthly lecture series. Learn about upcoming lectures or watch previous lectures on the website.

    • Highlights

    thumb: Frontiers of Discovery

    Frontiers of Discovery

    At Fermilab, scientists work on particle physics science and technology that leads to a better understanding of the physics of the universe and practical benefits to society.

    thumb: Frontier Science Results

    Frontier Science Results

    For more than 10 years, physicists working on experiments at Fermilab have been telling the story of their research results in our newsletter Fermilab Today.

    thumb: P5 report

    P5 report

    The Particle Physics Project Prioritzation Panel proposes a strategic plan for the next 10 years to address the central questions in particle physics using a range of tools and techniques at three interrelated frontiers.

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