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In the United States, we have a heritage of leadership in science. Starting almost fifty years ago. U.S. investment in national laboratories created a partnership between scientists and government that has shaped the character of science and made our country the world's leader in basic research. The Department of Energy's national laboratories represent this partnership at its best.

Our national laboratories give America's scientists the resources they need to continue their pioneering work on the frontiers of science. For example, at the forefront of the field of high-energy physics, experiments today are too complex for any university, public or private, to carry out alone. But scientists and students from universities all over the United States can come to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory to use the most powerful particle accelerator on earth, working together on experiments to try to understand the ultimate laws of nature.

Today, DOE operates national laboratories throughout the United States. DOE currently supports more than 90 percent of federally funded U.S. research into the underlying structure of matter, through high-energy physics. Universities Research Association, Incorporated, a consortium of 89 universities with physics research programs, contracts with DOE to operate Fermilab.

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