Kate Gregory, Chief Operating Officer


Kate Gregory is Fermilab's chief operating officer. Gregory leads the Operational Excellence initiative, empowering leaders across the enterprise with metrics and associated analytics tools, streamlined work processes and resource alignment. She is also responsible for line management of the Facilities Engineering Services Section and the Workforce Development & Resources Section and is accountable for the FY2018 PEMP Corrective Action Plan and the FY2019 PEMP Notable Outcomes. Gregory manages the Contractor Assurance System, which crosscuts all the lab's operations, and provides a meaningful summary of performance and compliance to the FRA Board of Directors and the Department of Energy. She serves as the Lab Liaison to the Operations and Finance Committee of the FRA Board.

Gregory has served in many leadership roles with the U.S. Navy, including chief of staff for the First Naval Construction Division and commander of Naval Facilities Engineering Command, a global organization of 19,000 people executing Navy construction and facility programs. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the U.S. Naval Academy, the University of Southern California and George Washington University. She has completed the Senior Executive Program at the London School of Business and is a registered professional engineer.