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The Schramm Fellowship is aimed at recent Ph.D. recipients with a proven research record and prior experience in experimental particle astrophysics, cosmology, or closely related fields. This position provides the opportunity to bridge existing experimental efforts and participate in the development of new experimental projects. The successful candidate is expected to do original research that will capitalize on the scientific, computing, engineering, and technical expertise available at Fermilab.

The successful candidate will be hosted by the Fermilab Cosmic Physics Center (FCPC). The FCPC plays a critical role in a wide range of experimental efforts in the disciplines of dark energy (DES, DESI, and Rubin LSST), cosmic microwave background (SPT-3G and CMB- S4), and dark matter direct detection (ADMX, SuperCDMS, SENSEI, and Oscura), as well as hosting an active group in theoretical astrophysics and cosmology. The Schramm Fellowship provides the opportunity to participate in the development of new projects targeting dark energy, dark matter, early-universe physics, and related detector R&D leveraging the strengths of Fermilab.


The successful candidate will be a Ph.D. physicist with a proven research record.

Term of appointment

The position is a 3-year appointment with the possibility for extension of up to two (2) additional years. The position comes with a competitive salary and excellent benefits.